You can see Kai’s works here as well:

2013. June 《幸運星 Lucky Star》

2013. May 《流轉 Turning》

2013. Jan 《Habitat》

2012 《Play》!/media/set/?set=a.476051272415203.104471.256647194355613&type=3

the opening day for the show!/media/set/?set=a.475545905799073.104342.256647194355613&type=3

2011 works in 《An ordinary winter》!/media/set/?set=a.309156015771397.72093.256647194355613&type=3

the opening day for the show!/media/set/?set=a.304677032885962.71616.256647194355613&type=3

people with tunning fork!/media/set/?set=a.309220162431649.72115.256647194355613&type=3

2007-2008 works on '99 degree art center'

ARTWIKI with 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

You can see Kai's space design works here: