Creative Statement

……  這些種種在我個人的思

        I see my artwork as a distillation of my senses and thoughts. The intangible and tangible aspects of my life and the way in which I live are central to my process. Whether it be fragments of reality or fantasy, my muse can come from the senses or sensitivity, a teaching, relationships in between, speculation, a series of movements, footprints of touching in mind, thoughts, day-to-day inspiration, a sum of words like verse, issue or a touch of anticipation.......etc, all perceptions and understandings remain in my head, waiting for a chance to be released. Following careful operation in my mind, these ideas will distill into clear forms or an authoring of kinetic energy, both in a natural manner. In turn, this forces me to realize them via all kinds of media, allowing the creative conversion to unfold before me. Thereupon, I can see a truly harmonious state in my own consciousness.